Accessible nature
Natural barriers are removed in order to anyone to enjoy the beauty and magic Huesca has to offer. Adapted paths which end at spectacular lookout points enabling everyone to view places such as the Salto del Roldán or del Vero, or observing birds in Nueno, Alquézar and...  +Info »
Angepasste Sportarten
A physical disability should not prevent anyone from practicing sports and enjoying the magical options offered within the province of Huesca. Snow sports, mountain activities, canyoning, cycling… Different sporting modalities which allow visitors to discover the...  +Info »
Accessible culture
Unmissable museums and symbols of the magic of Huesca open their doors to all visitors, facilitating unforgettable experiences. Likewise, in the Sierra de Guara one can find several different options for tourism which is accessible to all. Among them, a visits to the...  +Info »
Accessible accommodation
The magic of Huesca would not be the same without accommodation which enabled everyone to enjoy their well-deserved rest. Hotels, hostels and rural houses have been adapted to remove any sort of architectural barrier which could prevent anyone from accessing their...  +Info »


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