Accessible tourism

Huesca closes no doors. Huesca opens paths. Paths which aim for everyone to become imbued with its magic by means of its culture, its heritage or the chance to practice sport within its region. Everything is possible for everyone.

Barrancos para todos

Conocer el terreno y confiar... Read more »

Ecomuseum of Agricultural Implements of Esplús

Ecomuseum of Agricultural Implements of Esplús

The Ecomuseum of... Read more »

ARCAZ Visitor Centre, in Riglos

ARCAZ Visitor Centre, in Riglos

The ARCAZ Visitor Centre... Read more »

Pyrenean Glacier Monuments Visitor Centre

In Eriste, in the Nature... Read more »


  • Huesca la Magia
    Huesca la Magia
  • Deportes de aventura
    Deportes de aventura
  • Salud y relax
    Salud y relax
  • Animales flores y miradores
    Animales flores y miradores
  • Castillos y museos
    Castillos y museos
  • Parques naturales
    Parques naturales
  • Senderismo
  • Vacaciones en familia
    Vacaciones en familia
  • Huesca accesible
    Huesca accesible
  • BTT

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